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California Task Force 5 (CATF-5) is one of 28 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) Task Forces strategically located throughout the United States and specifically one of eight Task Forces located in California. These Task Forces are comprised of highly trained responders of a wide variety of skills and disciplines and capable of responding all over the Continental United States and beyond. You can also read more about CATF-5’s History and Overview.

Urban Search & Rescue

California Task Force 5 is able to respond to any and all types of disasters, natural and manmade. These disasters include hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and terrorist attacks. In order to complete the mission and be self-sufficient, the 80-member Task Force contains many disciplines such as Search, Rescue, Logistics, Planning, Medical, Communications, Hazardous Materials and Safety. For further information on each discipline, simply click on any of the Task Force Sections or go to the the Contact Us page.

Deployable Status

The current status for California Task Force 5 is “DEPLOYABLE.” The Task Force maintains a constant state of readiness and is capable of responding by air or ground within 4-6 hours. This includes the team of 80 personnel and canines as well as all equipment needed to conduct Search and Rescue operations and remain self-sufficient for a minimum of 72 hours. Read some of CATF-5’s news stories for their heroic service to the nation.

Station 54

California Task Force 5 is represented by various public safety agencies in Orange County. The headquarters is located at Orange County Fire Authority Fire Station 54 in Foothill Ranch. The US&R Warehouse, which is still being retro-fitted and used for storage and training, is located just a block away and is specifically set up for rapid deployment and mobilization. Our photo gallery is full of CATF-5 photos from actual deployments and training exercises.

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About Us

Welcome to the California Task Force 5 Website! California Task Force 5 (CA TF-5) is one of 28 FEMA Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) Task Forces and one of eight Task Forces in California that respond as a FEMA or California OES resource during National, State, or Regional emergencies such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, terror attacks or any other natural or manmade disasters.

All FEMA US&R Task Forces are made up of highly trained and highly skilled responders from a wide variety of disciplines such as Search Specialists, Rescue Specialists, Hazardous Materials Specialists, Medical Specialists, Heavy Riggers, Structural Engineers, and Logisticians. CA TF-5 draws these specialists from several public safety organizations including:

CA Task Force 5

We hope that your visit to the CA TF-5 website is enjoyable and informative. You will find interesting information on the FEMA US&R Program, CA TF-5 specifics, and links to our Partner Agencies. If you are a CA TF-5 member, you will have access to information on valuable training opportunities and Task Force activities.

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