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Davis Doty Canine Search Specialist
Paul Holaday Communications Manager
Nick Freeman Hazmat/WMD Manager
Wayne Chapman Heavy Rigging
Richard Ventura Logistics Manager
Jack Perisho Logistics Manager
Jesse Lopez Logistics Manager
Claus Hecht Medical/Physician
Vince Carpino Medical Manager
Kevin Fetterman Plans Manager
Dustin Grinstead Plans Manager
Aaron Creager Rescue Manager
Tim O’Hare Safety Officer
Brian Roberts Search Manager
Bruce Newell Structures Specialist
Mike Petro Task Force Leader
Jeff Hoey Task Force Leader
Tim Perkins Task Force Leader
Mike Petro Task Force Leader
Kenny Dossey Task Force Leader
Craig Covey Task Force Leader
Chris Richichi Anaheim
Chris Boyd Orange
Mike Petro US&R Program Manager
CA Task Force 5

We hope that your visit to the CA TF-5 website is enjoyable and informative. You will find interesting information on the FEMA US&R Program, CA TF-5 specifics, and links to our Partner Agencies. If you are a CA TF-5 member, you will have access to information on valuable training opportunities and Task Force activities.

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For more information about our task force, please contact us. If you have any questions or issues with this website, please contact the webmaster.
Task Force Status: Deployable