National Urban Search and Rescue Program Task Force Management

Managing a task force has evolved into a process requiring day-to-day oversight and responsibility. This is a significant change from the manner first used by many sponsoring agencies when the FEMA National US&R Response System began.

Once considered the function of the primary Task Force Leader, the multitude of requirements expected of a Task Force Leader has forced a re-focus on the needs of the system. In the Case of CA-TF-5 we have assigned a Task Force Leader and long time member of the Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Urban Search and Rescue Program as the Program Manager.

Regardless of the person or the position held within the task force, a single focal point is required to ensure that communications are received, and, if actions are necessary, that the actions are delegated and/or completed in accordance with Federal requirements.

Participating Agencies
Chris Boyd, Orange FD – cboyd@cityoforange.org
Chris Richichi, Anaheim FD – crichichi@anaheim.net
Marc Valentine, Montebello FD – valentine@mtbfire.org
Sue Vodrazka, LA Sheriff’s – sevodraz@lasd.org

Program Manager

A task force has a single person designated as the Task Force Program Manager. For California Task Force 5 that person is Battalion Chief Mike Petro. He is responsible to ensure:

  • The documentation and reporting requirements associated with preparedness activities; including a Strategic Plan, Annual Work Plan, Training Plan, Mobilization Plan, and Corrective Action Plan;
  • The agreements established between the task force and FEMA/DHHS, state agencies, local agencies, participating agencies, support agencies, contract services, and equipment and supply vendors are in proper status for readiness activities;
  • Personnel rostering and qualifications requirements within the National US&R Response System;
  • The requirements related to achieving the continued operational readiness of the task force; and
  • The impact and value of establishing a family preparedness and support network for task force members.

Chief Petro has the ability and resources to manage the US&R task force effectively for the Orange County Fire Authority as the Sponsoring Agency in fulfilling its obligation to FEMA.

Program Manager
Mike Petro – mikepetro@ocfa.org

































Task Force Leaders

The Task Force Team Leader is responsible for managing and supervising all aspects of a mission, both operational and managerial, from the time of activation through the return to the home jurisdiction. This includes all personnel and equipment resources as well as overseeing and directly supervising the task force team management. The task force team Leader is responsible for the development and completion of all task force team objectives as well as the proper reporting, record keeping, and after-action requirements.

The Task Force Team Leader is responsible for:

  • Developing and implementing the Task Force Team Action Plan.
  • Addressing the coordination, management, and supervision of all Task Force Team activities.
  • Supervising the following positions:
    1. Search Team Manager
    2. Rescue Team
    3. Medical Team Manager
    4. Logistics Manager
    5. Planning Officer
    6. Safety Officer
  • Ensuring the development of all Task Force Team organizational and logistical needs.
  • Receiving briefings and ensuring that all Task Force Team personnel are kept informed of mission objectives and status changes.
  • Preparing and maintaining records and reports as required. Performing additional tasks and duties as assigned during a mission.
  • Adhering to all safety procedures. Ensuring the completion of all the required reports and maintenance of records.
  • Ensuring incident stress management activities are conducted.
  • Ensuring resource acquisitions are properly processed.
  • Preparing performance evaluations for assigned personnel.
  • Accountability, maintenance, and minor repairs for all issued equipment.

Task Force Leaders
Craig Covey – craigcovey@ocfa.org
Jeff Hoey – jeffhoey@ocfa.org
Kenny Dossey – kennydossey@ocfa.org
Mike Petro – mikepetro@ocfa.org
Tim Perkins – timperkins@ocfa.org

CA Task Force 5

We hope that your visit to the CA TF-5 website is enjoyable and informative. You will find interesting information on the FEMA US&R Program, CA TF-5 specifics, and links to our Partner Agencies. If you are a CA TF-5 member, you will have access to information on valuable training opportunities and Task Force activities.

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